You can choose from a variety of cladding options, depending on whether you want it to match an existing building or if you have a specific look in mind.

Colour Options

Beige Smooth Cream Off White Scoria Scoria
Pebble Smooth Cream Off White Mist Green Gull Grey

Colours above are representative only and subject to variation when appearing online. Please consult your Skyline Distributor for exact colour samples.​

Steel cladding options


Cladding that’s factory pre-painted with a zincalume base is long lasting and easier to maintain.

Available as 100mm Skyboard, 100mm Ultraboard in four different colours.


Hidden nail cladding is available as plain line or lined with texture, and as Clearcote or Colorcote.

100mm Skyboard 150mm Skyboard

Championboard (hidden nails)

Ultraboard (exposed nails)

Other cladding options

We also have a range of other cladding options which you may prefer, depending on what you feel looks the best. Some popular options are: